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Vehicle Sentry

Watch your delivery, and service vehicles in REAL TIME over the internet using Google Maps.

Get information on vehicle performance, speed, stops, distance. The best way to manage vehicles!

  • Monitor Location of vehicles from Google Maps in real time with Active Tracking Systems
    - or -
  • Passively monitor vehicle's movement after-the-fact

GPS Tracking devices can be used to track people, vehicles and other assets, anywhere on Earth. There are 27 satellites orbiting the earth, 24 are operational, the other three will become operational if one of the satellites happen to fail. At any given time there are at least three satellites that are visible in the sky from a location. These satellites then triangulate on the position of the GPS tracking device. By continuing to triangulate the coordinates at regular intervals, the satellites can determine the speed of an object, the distance traveled and how long it has been stationary.

There are two types of GPS tracking systems currently on the market today. They are classified as passive and active . Active systems track in real time, while passive systems, must be detached from the vehicle and information retrieved and displayed on a computer.

Passive Systems

Passive tracking systems utilize a small recording device that is usually not perminantly installed in the vehicle and uses it's own battery power.

The device is simply put in the vehicle and must be physically retrived to view the information on where the vehicle has been. Our units have a usb connection to be used with a PC computer and our tracking software.

A major consideration for this kind of vehicle is obviously you do not have real time access to drivers location which is often a goal, but importantly there is no continiung cost of operation, as no data plan is required.

Active Systems

Active vehicle tracking systems allow real time access to the location of a vehicle imposed on an on line map.

The tracking devices are realatively smal and may be simply plugged into the vehicles diaagnostic port and run off their own battery power. Alternatively, the active system may be perminately installed in the vehicle.

Perminate installation comes with less diagnostic data on the vehicle because the installation can not access the vehicle performance information but does allow full tracking capability.

Active tracking systems require a prepaid data plan, something like a cell phone in order to transmit vehicle information in real time.

See Passive Tracking Systems

See Active Tracking Systems


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The 3100-INT GPS vehicle tracking system is a small and compact passive GPS tracking device. It comes with an internal GPS antenna and 300 hours of GPS flash data storage-tracking capacity. The data can be downloaded to the PC via USB port. With our GPS software, the data can be displayed on an animated digital map through Google Earth. The data from the 3100-INT GPS tracking system can be displayed over a street map, satellite image or in a text report. The data recorded can accurately display:

•  Where a person traveled

•  How fast they drove

•  When they stopped

•  How long they stopped

The 3100-INT GPS tracking system is powered by just 4 AA batteries and can be quickly installed anywhere on the vehicle with its strong magnets. The 3100-INT GPS tracking system is also water-resistant.















The SilverCloud Sync, active tracking system uses the SilverCloud platform with On-Board Diagnostics   - odometer readings, excessive speed, low battery, low fuel, harsh braking, idling and rapid acceleration warnings. SilverCloud Sync simply plugs into the vehicle's OBD-II Port located under the steering column for unlimited vehicle tracking.

•  Excessive RPM Warning

•  High Speed Warning

•  Low Battery Warning

•  Low Fuel Warning

•  Rapid Acceleration Warning

•  Tampering Warnings

•  Idling Time

•  Harsh Braking Alerts

•  Odometer Readings


Hardwire installation kit $59.00

Installation $149.00










Our SilverCloud has been optimized for precision, simplicity and durability. Common applications utilizing the SilverCloud GPS tracker includes fleet management, law enforcement and private investigations. Fast and user-friendly web application with 3D mapping.

Stores unlimited GPS tracking data with real-time location that updates every 3 seconds.

ShareSpot Option, which allows the user to share their GPS tracking location via a URL or an embed code on a website.

Alerts, which indicates speeding, low-battery, arrival and departure via text message or emails.

Unlimited detailed activity reports which includes speed, mileage, address locations and stops.

Routing utility offers the ability to send real-time directions to the drivers mobile phone via text message.

Unlimited storage of driving history on our secure server with a user friendly historical playback feature.
12 Months
5 Minute $79.85 $136.11 $267.43
1 Minute $109.85 $194.31 $370.43
5 Seconds $169.85 $320.71 $599.43


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