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Retail References

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Junior Drake






"It's not the bag it's the girl" is the motto of Junior Drakes' a leading designer and manufacturer of women's hand bags, purses and clutches.  Their products are available at major department stores and specialty stores nation wide at prices from $100 to $350, but if you happen to live in Southern California you get a special treat!  Junior Drake opened their first and only outlet store!  Located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and 10th Street in Santa Monica, the store is jam-packed with hundreds maybe thousands of hand bags at incredibly low prices.  The outlet store sells all bags at a minimum 50% off the retail price and many bags are even lower. 

The 2500 square foot store has a long counter with three of our Make-It-Yourself "A" Kits (Touchscreen, Computer, Cash Drawer, MSR Keyboard and thermal printer).  We installed the systems late into the night so that they could open the week before Thanksgiving.  Sales have been brisk ever since opening.

 So is there a real person who is Junior Drake?  Well sort of.  The Company's owner told us that his mother, Patsy Brown, was a an exuberant, fashionable woman whose life inspired her family to create a handbag line to continue her legacy.  She was a family woman first and a business woman - first as well.  But Patsy was an actress and performer at heart.  She even used a stage name from time to time: "Junior Drake".  Her radiating confidence touched everyone she met.  Her posture and presence stole the attention of every room she entered.  One of her family's favorite stories to tell is how she once received a compliment on an avant-garde outfit she was wearing and responded, "Darling!   It's not the dress it's the girl!"

Junior Drake
700 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica , CA


Big Daddy's Liquor

135.ht1_small“Complete Retail Express is just amazingly fast. Even credit card transactions only take a few seconds. Lines move faster, people don't have to wait.”
- Henry Kosiner, Owner

“I know nothing about computers.”
“The speed of Complete Retail Express is just amazing.”

Henry Kosiner, owner of Big Daddy's Wine & Liquor in New City , New York , is just not comfortable with computers. He is actually one of our most computer adverse customers and also a typical business owner.

In our 29 years of computerizing small businesses, Henry Kosiner typified one class of customer that is quite typical. He is a brilliant business owner who doesn't particularly believe in the benefit of computers. Big Daddy's Wine & Liquor has over 2,500 SKU's. Henry took over the business from his father and he has successfully run the oldest and most successful liquor business in the area since 1962.

Henry, like other business owners in his class is not a big fan of computers. However, with over 2,500 items and tens of thousands of total items in the store, Henry can pick out a single bottle of liquor that has been touched, moved, or sold without a computer. He also personally knows just about every single customer that walks into his store. He also can give you a fairly accurate picture of sales and profits, without looking at his computer. Big Daddy's Wine & Liquor computerized with The General Store back in 1985 and recently switched to a more modern Complete Retail Express. He can check out a customer using a credit card in seconds. Like most business owners, Henry was reluctant to spend extra money on a faster receipt printer or touch screen. His son Jeffrey, who will one day take over the business, understood the value of the best and went with a new Epson Thermal Printer, online credit card processing and touch screens. Now, Henry is just amazed. “Complete Retail Express is just amazingly fast. Even credit card transactions only take a few seconds. Lines move faster, people don't have to wait.”

So, why use computers? Henry wants to spend more time away from the store and his son Jeffrey is doing a great job. Computerizing allows a store owner to quantify profits and losses, see the fastest selling items, order more efficiently, and reduce theft when you are not around to “eyeball” those missing or stolen bottles. It is a great way of monitoring especially your employees. Are they watching the store like you would watch the store?


Cape Cod Chile Shop

cartsm_small“We could not be happier and wish we had set up the program a long time ago. We were able to set up the entire program without outside help.”
- Robert L. Ramirez, Owner


Spice Up Your Life

The Cape Cod Chile Shop is a specialty hot sauce cart located in the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis , Massachusetts . Its collection of sauces and spices can be purchased in the mall seven days a week, or shipped directly to your home. Those looking for a little fire in their diet have become regular customers of this unique store.

Something Spicy for Everyone

Hot sauce comes in dozens of different flavors, brands and most importantly -- hot levels. According to owner Scott Romkey, "We carry over 250 varieties of hot sauces, BBQ sauces and other Chile pepper related items. Before computerizing, I didn't have a handle on which products were my best sellers and which were wasting space. Complete Retail Express tracks every sale of every item. It helps me determine which products to order so I always have what my customers are looking for."

Exactly What I Need

Scott did his homework when looking for a system. "I was looking for a system that tracked my inventory and was easy to use. I'm happy that I chose Complete Retail Express, it's an incredible program that does exactly what I need." When asked about support and service, Scott replied, "When you pair an incredible POS program with great customer support, you have a win-win situation."



blue_logo_small"It's amazing that Complete Retail Express tracks so much information, and has so many features, yet it's so simple to use. Whenever we'd have questions, Point-of-Sale Systems.Com has been there to help us. They've turned our suggestions into new features, advised us on how to configure everything correctly, and overall provided the best support we could have hoped for."
- Chuck Sternfeld, Owner

Sophisticated performance

Kangol outlet co-owner Chuck Sternfeld needed a way to manage the hundreds of styles, colors and sizes offered by this fashionable hat maker. Sternfeld said, "It's important to us that we know exactly what we sell, and which sizes and colors are most popular. I knew we needed an apparel point of sale system that tracks this, not just a cash register."

Inventory information at your fingertips

Complete Retail Express, with its built-in 'Styles Matrix,' organizes inventory by style, with size and color clearly displayed in an organized grid. "I can bring up the cotton beret style and easily see what's in the store, how many were sold and what's ordered and on its way. Complete Retail Express (CRE) lets me find out anything about our inventory in just a few seconds."


Keeping the register ringing

"Long lines are flat out unacceptable in a store like ours. One key feature we needed in our point of sale system was speed." With Point-of-Sale Systems.Com's POS system, merchandise can be rung up with a quick bar code scan. Kangol also uses Point-of-Sale Systems.Com's Internet credit card processing service, provided by Access Online Payment Systems. "Most of our customers pay with a credit card. CRE processes the cards unbelievably fast."



INSIDE4_small" the reporting in CRE is very flexible and very thorough. My customers love the large selection I carry. I can easily generate the figures I need to make sure that no shelf is empty."
- Mark Stone, Owner

A Stogie for You

Located on the famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco , California , Stogies is a cigar lover's dream. Their collections hold dozens of varieties of uniquely flavored, hand rolled cigars. Stogie's is a one stop shop for cigar smokers, offering cutters, cases, humidors, lighters, ashtrays and other accessories.

Customer Loyalty

A satisfied customer is likely to come back and buy again. A satisfied customer with a coupon, membership card and birthday bonus is almost guaranteed. Owner Mark Stone loves the customer loyalty features of Complete Retail Express. According to him, "I'm more than happy to give out a coupon here, a discount there, a few dollars off on somebody's birthday. The customers love the bonuses and usually wind up buying a few more cigars while they're here."


Stogies' has a loyal following. Fisherman's Wharf never fails to draw a large crowd. With such a combination, it's no surprise that Stogie's has their busy days. According to Mark, When the lines are forming, "it gets crazy in here. My cashiers don't have time to lookup that the Colonels are buy four get one free or that the Schooner's go on sale on Fridays from 3 PM - 5 PM. When a cashier scans the cigars, the prices are automatically calculated based on the item, the time and the customer's discount."

Flexible reporting

Staying well stocked is important to Stogies. Every cigar in the store is the favorite of at least one customer. Complete Retail Express makes it easy to know what you sold, what is on your shelves, what is on order and how fast each of your items moves. Mark finds "the reporting in CRE to be very flexible and very thorough. My customers love the large selection I carry. I can easily generate the figures I need to make sure that no shelf is empty. The reason these reports are so crucial is that I can't get inventory shipped overnight like most stores. Each cigar is hand rolled and takes time to make." Laughing, Mark adds "Some cigars age for five years, you can imagine the lead time on those!"



Huntleigh Home Medical

DSC00466_small"We love Complete Retail Express for our store. One of our favorite features is the customer-tracking feature. CRE will allow us to keep a history of the purchases our customers make."
- Michael D. Flores

We have medical equipment and supply retail store. Our store offers customers a place to see all the equipment in a showroom setting. The customers can touch and use any of the products prior to purchasing. Our store carries a large line of daily living aids, which allow customers to stay independent in their own homes, even though they may need some assistance to do every day activities. Our display kitchen area showcases all the items that are available to help someone who has had a stroke or has limited mobility of one side of their body. In the kitchen, you will see specially adapted cookware and silverware, cutting boards and drinking cups. Our bathroom area displays a wide variety of bathroom safety items such as bath benches and grab bars.

We love Complete Retail Express for our store. One of our favorite features is the customer-tracking feature. CRE will allow us to keep a history of the purchases our customers make. This is really helpful when one of our customers buy many different kinds of medical supplies. We now have an easy record of what they purchased and when. This helps us know what inventory to stock for our customers and when to reorder for them.

The credit card processing feature is simple and convenient. We feel like a big chain retail store with how the credit card processing works. Simply process a retail sale, choose the credit card, and instantly the software communicates over the Internet to give you the result of the transaction. The thermal printer quickly prints your receipts. Very nice and easy!

Michael D. Flores
Huntleigh Home Medical, Ltd
341 West Commerce
San Antonio , TX 78205
210-225-5419 (Fax)


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