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Request for Proposal / Quotation

  [ Number of Questions: 11  ~  Average time to complete: 1 min, 30 sec]

1) Are you interested in a complete POS system or only hardware or software components?
  Yes - Complete POS system
No - POS hardware only
No - POS software only
Installation and Training

2) In what type of business will this point of sale system be used? 
  Retail or other store - Please specify type:
Convenience store
Liquor store
Quick service restaurant
Table service restaurant
Bar/night club
Hospitality (resort, spa, hotel, etc.)
Institutional (education, government, etc.)

3) Is this request for a new system or upgrade of a current point of sale system? 
  New system, New Business
New System for an existing business that does not currently have a POS system
Upgrade/replacement to current system
    If applicable, list current hardware/software:

4) Please indicate your wiring or installation service needs:
  I need onsite installation and/or wiring
I do not need onsite installation
I am looking for a system that does not require installation
Please help me determine my specific wiring or installation needs

5) How are you, or will you process bank cards? 
  I want payment processing integrated into the POS system and processed over a high speed data line
I want payment processing integrated into the POS system and processed over a telephone line
I want or have a stand alone terminal and process using a telephone
I'm not sure, please help me determine the best solution for payment processing

6) For how many business locations do you need the point of sale system? 

Note: This question is asking for the number of distinct business locations, not the number of terminals or registers within one location.

7) What is your buying timeframe? 
In one month
Two to three months
Three months or greater

8) What is the approximate number of items you sell and how is this information maintained?
  approximate number of inventory items?
Paper records
existing database

9) What input device(s) will your POS system to utilize?
  (check all that apply)
Not sure, please help us determine the best option for our needs
Touch screen Monitors
Barcode scanners
Wireless devices
Other (please specify):

10) Within each of your business locations, how many of the following POS components will you need?
Hardware Quantity
POS terminals with cash drawers
POS terminals without cash drawers (order stations)
Remote printers (for kitchen or bar orders, etc.)
Receipt printers
Credit card magnetic strip readers
11) Please tell us any specific requirements or needs you may have.
Note: There is a 1,000 character limit for this answer

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