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Introducing our newest line of POS systems: "Styleline" a great look plus performance!
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New Lower prices on our Bargain POS systems, now a complete system is just $999.00!
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Introducing three new product lines to better control and manage your retail, salon or hospitality business:

Monitor and watch your delivery and service vehicles in real time using Google Maps for precise location. More Info...

Low Cost Surity Video systems that are easy to install and work with your POS system to actually see transactions as they happen in real time! More Info...

A standalone wireless solution or integrated with your POS system, Bar Owners now have complete information on pours. More Info...

POS & Possibilities: Point-of-Sale creates a cash less Store Cafe and Bank for Learning Challenged Clients of Discover Goodwill of Colorado Springs

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Point-of-Sale Systems.Com
joins the team of experts on Spike TV's new show, Bar Rescue. Watch us
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Full Line of POS Cleaning Supplies full story...

Low Cost Payroll Services, Just $19.99 per month full story...

Low Priced Gift Cards to Help GROW your business full story...

Lowest cost Merchant Services Guaranteed! full story...

We can get your accounting system up and running right. Details at: Accounting4Nothing.Com
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Point of Sale Financing Options


Financing Solutions for Point-of-Sale Equipment, Software,
and Training Purchases.

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Point-of-Sale Systems.Com now has three types of financing for our Point of Sale Systems. We are sure that one of them is right for you when either an all cash purchase, a credit card purchase or financing from your business bank is not possible.
All of our finance options include the entire cost of a retail store or hospitality project, this means, in addition to equipment and software all of the customization, configuration, installation and training costs. Best of all we guarantee acceptance into at least one of our financing programs, no one will be turned down!

Choose from: 1) "Bakers Dozen", 2) Bundled Financing 3) Traditional Lease
Type / Description: Advantages:
Bakers Dozen 1 Year Repayment Plan,
A special short form of lease that takes the POS system cost divides it into 12 monthly payments and then adds 1 more representing the total cost of the financing. The simplest financing to understand and the easiest to qualify for.
Minimum $3,000.00

Example: Total cost of POS system is $3,000, 12 monthly payment is $250 per month plus 1 more as a payment in advance. You have a POS systems for about $8 per day! Your total cost is $3,250 after 12 monthly payments.
  • Easy to Qualify for, Credit scores in 400 range acceptable
  • 100% Financing
  • 12 monthly payments 1st Payment in advance
  • No: application fees, collateral assets
  • Shorter repayment means less cost
  • After 13 payments you own your POS system
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Bundled Financing,
Requires a down payment of 35% to 50% of the cost of the POS system. Fixed Monthly Payments use a factor based on credit score over a 3 to 12 month period. Amounts available from $1,000 to $5,000. Agreement is in the form of a lease to own

  • 3 month to 12 month terms
  • Payments are automatic from your merchant services account which we provide
  • Lower overall cost than traditional lease
  • Lease to own
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Traditional Lease,
Fixed Monthly Payments are over a 24 to 48 period. Amounts available from $2,500 to $100,000 Buyout at the end of the lease of $10 then you own the system. Payment to begin the lease is usually the first month payment in advance.

  • Overall cost based on credit score so higher credit scores will get the lowest overall cost of all financing options
  • Lowest monthly payment of all financing options
  • No requirement for payment processing
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