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Hospitality References

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Rustic Bakery

(3 Locations)

“We like the fact that our POS System form Point-of-Sale Systems does everything that Aloha or Micros does for half the price, but the best aspect is the hands on personal service!”

-- Lara, Manager

Service to the rescue


“We had originally purchased a POS system over the internet and tried to install it ourselves, with a fair amount of success, we thought. That is, until we started growing and the speed picked up to the point, our customer service dropped. We knew that we were losing the customers we had fought so hard for because we could not process the transactions. Honestly, if Point-of-Sale Systems.Com had not come to the rescue to fix the hardware, install new software and give use the training we needed, we would not be able to expand to three locations.” Say Lara, Rustic's manage.


Increasing Speed and Accuracy


One of the reasons the point of sale system is so critical for this business is the speed and accuracy it provides. Breakfast and lunch times are a very crowded affair, the sandwiches made to order on fresh baked bread have to be quickly ordered, paid for and then made in the kitchen. Critical was having the POS System programmed so that available modifiers can be quickly selected and importantly printed in the kitchen or at the espresso bar.


Personal Attention


The big selling point for going with Point-of-Sale Systems.Com is the personal attention provided. Every client is assigned to a specific Account Manager and Technical Service Representative, no matter how big or small they are. This means that the same people are responsible for making sure the systems work to the satisfaction of the business. Service is available 24 hours a day, so issues can be quickly resolved.


With three stores other important features are necessary. Gift cards are an important aspect of the business plan as a way to take current customers and expand to new customers by the giving of the cards. It is important that any card purchased in one location be valid in all locations. The point of sale system makes that transfer of data possible. Also of importance is being able to get reports of what was sold on a daily basis so that baking production can be adjusted and items kept fresh with a minimum of spoilage.





Restaurant 3


“When we bought the restaurant the existing POS system was sometimes working sometimes not, we called Point-of-Sale Systems and got a new always working system in 2 days!”

-- Larissa Merriman, Owner


Secret Ingredient is the Service


Cynthia's Restaurant 3 is a very up scale American Cuisine restaurant on 3 rd street in Los Angeles . They had their point-of-sale system installed in 2005 with a wall mounted touch screen computer, receipt printer and three “kitchen” printer one in the dessert area, one in the bar, and yes, one in the kitchen. Owner Larissa comments “The best thing about Point-of-Sale Systems is the service, I can call them any time, they can log into the POS system and fix any problem any time, it is the secret ingredient!”


Different screens for different areas


One nice feature of the system is the ability to easily change seating configurations in various areas of the restaurant. The restaurant was built and expanded twice so the layout is very odd shaped and the seating is often changed for different times of year. The Point-of-Sale system can easily be changed to accommodate those changes. Users see a very close representation of the different areas of the restaurant and the different tables.


Split the Check, no problem


It used to be that having a server split up a check for a table of guests was time consuming and prone to inaccuracies. Not so any more! “I do not know why people need to split the check so much here but with our Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro it is easy to split by guest, equal parts or item by item.” Says Joe, the Manager.



Boccacini Pizza


"We feel that we have one of the most complex restaurants in the industry, with pizza, restaurant, takeout, catering, delivery, and counter service. Restaurant Pro Express has passed the test. We feel if it can make it here it can make it anywhere"
-- Frank Genovas, Owner



One system to handle multiple needs


Boccacini's owner Frank Genovas knew he needed a point of sale system that could handle the complexities of his restaurant. Genovas noted, "Most programs can be set up to run well for either table service or take-out. Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro lets you do both in the same restaurant. Each station can have its own unique settings, so one station can default to fine dining and the second station can prompt you if the order is to stay, to go, or for delivery.”


Swipes for security


By enabling you to set levels of permissions for each employee, the POS system allows management to stay on top of transactions. According to Genovas, "All servers have to swipe their cards at the point-of-sale terminal before they can place an order, so we know who did what. A manager or an owner can use his card to authorize credits, refunds, returns or voids -- eliminating the possibility of theft.”


Top ratings from the staff


"Many of our employees had worked in other restaurants in the past. Some were experienced with cash registers and some with other point-of-sale systems. The waiters and waitresses had an easy time learning Restaurant Pro, placing orders and printing checks in no time. The servers picked up the system in a few minutes. I asked my servers, who had used other systems in the past, what other systems they had used and which was better. Most of them had used MICROS. Everyone said that Restaurant Pro is easier, and better, then MICROS."





“Computerizing has increased our sales by 20% without raising prices. Our system was paid for in less than 6 months by having tighter control over what comes out of our kitchen and increased accuracy on customer checks."
- Chris Gallegos, Owner


“Computerizing has increased our sales by 20% without raising prices.”


Rositas, located at 8050 Federal Blvd. , Westminster CO 80031 , is a family owned business established in 1963. Rositas mainly serves new Mexico style Mexican food with some of their own inventions such as the Pablito (stuffed sopapilla).


Chris Gallegos, owner of Rositas, decided to upgrade his previous POS system to Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro because he needed a more flexible, easier to use system. A big problem with restaurants is the variance in handwriting by servers. Many tickets are difficult to read or inaccurate. Using a computer and sending orders directly to the kitchen makes the restaurant far more efficient and accurate.


According to Gallegos, “Computerizing has increased our sales by 20% without raising prices. Our system was paid for in less than 6 months by having tighter control over what comes out of our kitchen and increased accuracy on customer checks. Changing prices, adding items, and changing menus are all easy to use. The Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro with a touch screen is very user friendly and easily mastered by new employees.”


“Compared to what we had, this POS has brought us out of the dark ages” (Vince, Manager). “Super easy to use!!” (George, Waiter).


Any business that has been around since 1963 deserves recognition, especially a restaurant. Only 25% of all restaurants remain open after a year in business. 60% of all restaurants close within six years. Cost control is essential for a restaurant and most restaurants report a 25% increase in billing once computerized. Rositas has a web site which is extremely important to businesses. Rositas Web Site is, simple, very functional and an asset to the business. And, of course, finally and most importantly, it is Rositas food quality that makes it so popular



Reeds Restaurant


“Easy to use, more accurate, and half the cost of Aloha or Micros”

Al Casten -- Owner


Years of Experience, tells the truth about saving money on a POS system


“I have been in the hospitality business my whole life”, says 50 something year old owner of Reeds Restaurant in Manhattan Beach Al Casten, “and I have used all the expensive POS systems from Aloha and Micros, but Point-of-Sale Systems POS can do everything those systems can, it is easy to use, more accurate and half the cost.” “Plus we also took advantage of the professional services of the parent company of Point-of-Sale Systems, Charles Carroll Associates for payroll services plus monthly accounting and tax consulting and return preparation. We are very happy with the overall services of both companies and I recommend them to everyone”.


Big savings and less fighting


One of the things that Reeds did not anticipate in moving from a paper system to a POS system was the savings in food that resulted. “My guys are the best servers but many had handwriting like a doctors”, explained Al. “Now with the menu items and modifiers printed in the kitchen there are less mistakes, less remakes, an overall money savings and most importantly less fighting between kitchen staff and the wait staff over who's fault it was that an entrée was incorrect!”


Capuvino Coffee


"It's simple to enter an order; I can place an order with a few items on it in seconds."
- Sierra, Manager


Gourmet selections


Capuvino is a coffee shop and wine bar located on University Boulevard in Denver , Colorado . Its morning patrons enjoy a selection of fresh pastries and gourmet coffee to start their day. The late hours serve those looking to wind down with a glass of fine wine, specialty beers and decadent desserts.


You Don't Have To Wait For Relaxation


Attention to detail is not limited to Capuvino's fresh selection of coffee and desserts; the tables and soft seating are there to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The owner of Capuvino wanted a restaurant point of sale system that was easy to use and allowed his staff to enter orders quickly. According to Sierra, the manager, "It's important that we can enter orders quickly; I want our customers to enjoy their stay, not wait for their order." Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro provides a simple menu screen which allows you to place menu items in any order, with your pick of colors and pictures on the buttons. Lines move fast even in the morning rush. Sierra notes that, "It's simple to enter an order; I can place an order with a few items on it in seconds."


"I Didn't Even Need the Manual"


It really is that easy -- even easier than a cash register. The owner of the coffee shop and wine bar, Kevin Swaney, has been using the point of sale system since the day Capuvino opened. "You have to learn and take care of so many small details when opening a new business. Fortunately, learning the POS system was fairly easy. Changing the menu was easy, and my servers learned how to enter orders within a few minutes." You can teach a cashier to ring up a sale within 60 seconds. Sierra was happy that when she was learning the point of sale system, she "didn't even need the manual."


Customers See What They Want


Capuvino's patrons enjoy dining in the 1500 square foot building with a patio, soft seating and local art adorning the walls. Just as Capuvino's customers enjoy what they see, so does Kevin when using the point of sale system to generate his reports. "The POS system has dozens of reports, but I just use a few of them to generate the numbers I really want to see. The Daily Close report gives me a full snapshot of the day, showing me how much I sold in coffee, wine, beer and desserts." The detailed reports, combined with excellent support services from Point-of-Sale Systems, are exactly what Kevin wanted to see. "I chose Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro as my point of sale system. I'm very happy with the decision."


Natives Restaurant


"We needed a fast, easy and reliable system to help us move our customers through. Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro brought that to us."
- Maritza Quintero, Owner


An Experience, Not Just a Restaurant


Natives Restaurant and Theatre is a busy Colombian restaurant in the Queens borough of New York City . 70 tables, a newly renovated bar and a 400 seat theater help make Natives the most frequented restaurant in the area. Its creative menu and delicious desserts make it a choice for families during the day. The stylish looks and Latin American beats attract a huge night crowd. Known to be an experience, not just a restaurant, Natives is always packed to capacity.


A System Designed Just for Me


Viewing her color-coordinated menu with pride, Natives owner Maritza Quintero describes Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro software as "a system designed just for me. I put the buttons where it is fastest for MY restaurant. The menu and buttons are in Spanish to make it easy for the wait staff."


The POS system software can be custom configured so the screens are “designed” for the individual restaurant, not for a generic establishment. That is where utilizing the Menu/Database Construction service of Point-of-Sale Systems yields the greatest rewards. The technicians at Point-of-Sale Systems are experts with the software and have the experience of hundreds of configurations so the experience using the POS system is easy and fast. Maritza uses a quick button for empanadas, spicy beef patties, that every patron starts off with. She uses another for employee discounts, to make sure her wait staff is well fed.


Servers Trained in One Minute. Customers Out the Door in 45.


Restaurant Pro is easy to use. It's also easy to work with. When asked how long it takes to train a new staff member, Maritza smiled and shared how her "servers are trained in one minute. I have all my beef entrees colored as red buttons. Chicken dishes in yellow, pork in white and seafood in blue. Everything is alphabetized within those colors. Knowing this, a new server can use the system immediately. I love it and they love it!"


Friendly staff and delicious food aren't the only goals of Natives Restaurant. "Our customers have learned to expect fast service. Busy people come through our doors at all hours, they want to be served fast. Not to mention the huge crowds that all want a table. We needed a fast, easy and reliable system to help us move our customers through. Point-of-Sale Systems brought that to us."


Round the Clock Business, Round the Clock Support


While most of us are sleeping, the chefs at Natives are pushing out countless dishes per hour. When the dessert crowd starts to fizzle, the late night crowd pours in for a night of food, drinks and fun. The early morning breakfast crowd follows on their heels, ready for a quick bite to eat before work. Maritza was looking for "a company and a product to make my life easier. If a waiter knocks loose a printer cable at 3 AM on a busy Saturday night, the manager calls 1-877-POS ASSIST (877-767-2774) -- not me. They support us around the clock."


Computerizing Pays Off


The goal of Point-of-Sale Systems is to provide our customers with a complete solution so that their business operates easily and efficiently. Natives Restaurant owners Martiza and Consuelo Quintero have found that computerizing has made their lives easier, has helped them serve their customers faster and has saved them money due to the efficiency it provides. The end result... Happy customers!


Patricia's Pizza and Pasta


"My old cash register told me how many dollars we sold in a day. The point-of-sale tells me what those dollars were spent on, how my sales change over time and a lot more."
- Andrew Alonso, Owner


Pizzeria and More


Patricia's Pizza is located in a busy shopping center in the of town in Congers, New York . Italian dishes are prepared daily for lunch and dinner, and can be eaten there, picked up, or delivered piping hot to your home or office. Patti's also has delicious New York Style Pizza and is locally famed for their many different gourmet pizzas. Weekly coupons, redeemable at the point-of-sale, can be found on the Patti's web site, as can a full menu with pictures and prices.


Easy Turnover

The menu at Patricia's is extensive. Different sizes of pizzas with toppings, dozens of pasta dishes and subs, and numerous appetizers and side dishes are only a portion of the foods that customer can enjoy. Andrew Alonso, owner of Patricia's Pizza, notes that, "I have my price list in my head, but, I can't say the same for all of my employees. We've got dozens of items and it's a lot to remember." The point-of-sale system stores the price of every item on the menu, avoiding the possibility of a cashier ringing up the wrong price like they can on a normal cash register. The meals are organized in different categories to allow even a new cashier to find them easily. "If you touch the 'Baked Ziti' item in the 'Lunch Pasta' department, it automatically rings up at $ 5.95, every time. This gave us two advantages; the first is that lines move faster because cashiers never have to look up a price. The second is that they can't undercharge their friends; our items always ring up at the same price."




Lunch is the busiest time at Patricia's Pizza. Every day, the pizza chef prepares a selection of gourmet pizzas to feed hungry afternoon customers. According to Andrew, "We have a huge variety of specialty pies. Every day, there are seven or eight pies to choose from. We try to switch them around but also include some of our most popular pizzas." The reports of Restaurant Pro Express can display all of your items in the order of what sells best. Every item rung up at the point-of-sale automatically gets recorded in these figures. "White pizza, three cheese pizza and the New Yorker pie are some of my best sellers. My old cash register told me how many dollars we sold in a day. The point-of-sale tells me what those dollars were spent on, how my sales change over time and a lot more."


Complete System


Point-of-Sale Systems can provide a complete system, hardware and software, sure but also, menu / database construction, installation, training and support. Andrew and his employees knew it would be a change from their cash register, but soon saw the advantages. "One of the most immediate differences you can see if the receipt. our cash register printed a few items, and for deliveries and take-out we had to hand write receipts so our customers know what they're getting." Restaurant Pro prints receipts that include the date, time, unique transaction number, restaurant name and address, a listing of each item purchased with price, and the grand totals. It even includes a section on the bottom to print up and coming specials. Andrew is happy. "The point-of-sale works great, everything looks great and I'd recommend any pizza place to upgrade from their cash register to Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro."


Spasso Ristorante & Caterer
Bedford Hills
, NY



"We are very pleased with choosing Restaurant Pro as our POS solution. We saved 25% of the cost from other point of sale vendors with the same or more features. It does much more then a cash register, and just as much as any other point of sale system; we proudly recommend them as a POS solution."
- Angelo, Owner



Dining in Italy

Spasso Ristorante and Caterer is an Italian Restaurant in Bedford Hills , New York that serves lunch, dinner and desserts. Delicious meals are served in a mural-wrapped, authentic Italian atmosphere. Diners face a challenge deciding between the freshly-baked brick over pizzas, homemade pasta dishes and delicious meat entrees. If they're not full, patrons can enjoy a delicious gelato, cake or pastry to finish off the meal.

Speed of Service

Spasso opened in 2002, with the servers ringing up customers through a cash register. According to Angelo, the owner of the restaurant, "Prior to installing the Point-of-Sale System's Restaurant Pro Express Point of Sale, we were handwriting tickets and running them back to the kitchen." Alcoholic drink orders had to be separately carried to the bar. Unlike a cash register, Restaurant Pro Express can print orders to the appropriate printer automatically; entrees print to the kitchen, pizzas print to the brick oven, and drinks print to the bar. "Restaurant Pro Express has drastically increased our speed of service while eliminating mistakes from handwritten checks."

Upscale Appearance

The chefs at Spasso work hard to make sure that each meal being served is not only delicious, but also has the look of culinary perfection. Dishes leaving the kitchen complement the restaurant itself; a spacious table layout, gorgeous bar and overall elegant look. Angelo notes that, "In a restaurant like ours, a clunky cash register is undesirable. The point of sale system came with the latest Dell Mini Towers , and slick flat touch screens that match the upscale appearance of our dining room." Using Restaurant Pro Express as your point of sale system gives you the flexibility to choose a variety of hardware to match the look of your restaurant.


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