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Bar Sentry

Watch your Bartenders every pour! No more heavy pours, comps and mistakes. Save $$$!  

System Componets:
Wireless, Washable Bottle Spouts
PC Computer with Software
Optional Integration w/ POS System

Piece of mind whether you are at the bar, home or on vacation immediately know:
  • Number of drinks poured
  • Number of bottles changed
  • Number of bottles substituted
  • Number of complimentary drinks
  • Average pour
  • Average over pour amount (%)

How it works:

Each bottle has a wireless pour spout that does not limit or inhibit the pouring of the beverage, but does preciously measure the amount of liquid passing the sensors. A receiver collects the data from each spout and software calculates usage. The systems knows when spouts are disconnected, from what bottle and for how long. System can even go off line and still collect data from each spouts buffer. Reports show what each bartender is pouring..

System will return cash immediately:

  • Lower your liquor costs, pour more accurately
  • Increase sales dollars, ring up all sales, and correct price
  • Save time and money counting inventory
  • Change the mindset of your bartenders from day 1
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Details about the Sentry Wireless Beverage Control System


System Consists of Wireless Pour Spouts, Receiver and PC Computer w/ Software

•  No guns, wires, wall units, powered boxes with attachments or attached devices to spouts that slow down service.

•  Hardware can be installed in 1 day.

•  No monthly repairs or costs to keep system running, no moving parts.

•  No need for daily inventory counting, can scale back to weekly or monthly.



Wireless Free Pour Spouts

•  Pour at any angle, uses accelerometer , No bartender training needed

•  Detects spout removal and put back on

•  Has 50 event buffer for pours and spout removal

•  Pours or removal of spout from any location will still be monitored. (Home, outside, basement etc)

•  Corks fit most size bottles, 5 cork sizes and growing

•  Can be soaked

•  Waterproof Labels, when removing/washing know what bottle to put spout back on

•  Durable and non intrusive at rail bars, Battery lasts 3 years




•  75 feet range, 1 per Bar (not stations)................................................................

•  POE (Power over Ethernet)

•  Re-chargeable Battery Pack, for Mobile bars, Banquets

•  Receiver Event Buffer, 250,000 events

•  PC goes down stores pours and spout removals


Computer & Software


•  Runs on PC, Windows XP Pro or Windows 7

•  Microsoft SQL Database, modern, fast state of the art

•  Array of reports for any time frame, filters and exception report for quick viewing

•  Interfaces to all major POS Systems, all Point-of-Sale Systems.Com's Systems

Can interface to Procurement Software for Casinos/Hotels

Interface to POS System


•  Matches pours to single drinks or cocktails

•  Track all pours not rung up

•  Shows excessive pours based on recipe database

•  Shows substitutions for bigger tip, Poured Grey Goose, rang up Well

•  Tracks inventory of all liquor pours including sales of liquor bottles, beer bottles/cans, wine bottles and merchandise



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