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Complete Bargain Retail Point of Sale Systems

Our Retail POS systems are complete solutions, ALL the hardware and software you need, all guaranteed to work perfectly out of the box because we pre assemble and test every system before it leaves our office.

Bargain Line, POS Kits, these solutions are a true bargain! We have developed a way to bring you all the versatility for our Make It Yourself Kits at a fraction of the price. We use full 1 year warranty equipment, our Lite version software and you get the savings! See here and also the Bargain POS web site:
Prices Start at $999.00

Bargain Line POS Systems
Our Bargain line is a good way to get a quality Point of Sale System and save a good deal of money at the same time. This hardware is a combination of open, box, returns and refurbished, making this a wonderful "green" solution with the full 1 year warranty!

Prices start at $999.00

As with all our POS systems they are built to order. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Bargain POS, A Kit

A wonderful bargain in Point of Salet! As always a complete solution, all the hardware and software you need for retail Point-of-Sale! Get tracking inventory and facilitating the sales process to help you better manage your business. All hardware is pre-configured and all pre-tested to work together.

For more information or pricing call us at 877-767-3210 or sign up at our on-line store!
  • 16 x 16 Inch Cash Drawer
  • Intel Pentium Processor, 1.2 Ghz, 6gb RAM, 80 gb HDD, DVD ROM
  • Thermal Printer
  • Mag Strip Reader
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Touch Screen flat TFT elo
  • Complete Retail Express Software, Lite features no Customer Tracking
  • 1 year warranty
Label Printer, Dedicated printing from rolls of labels means you print the right amount and no wasted labels as with other methods. Easy openning clam shell design allows label rolls to be easily changed. Prints on Direct Thermal Labels.

More on labels, click here...
Customer Pole Display, Make it easy for your customers to see prices and totals. Required in some states, such as California. Features two lines of 20mm LEDs for a bright display that can be seen clearly even in bright sunlight.

Simple usb connection means no extra power source is necessary, works with all our POS systems.



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