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POS & Possibilities: Point-of-Sale Systems.com creates a cash less Store, Cafe and Bank for Staff and Learning Challenged Clients of Discover Goodwill of Colorado Springs
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POS and Possibilities:

Point-of-Sale Systems.Com creates a Special Cash Less Purchasing System for Goodwill's Learning Challenged Clients


Teaching people with learning challenges to use a point of sale system is not something that occurs every day, but point-of-salesystems.com accepted the job and got it done as promised installing four systems on site and conducting training only two weeks from the order date.

The installation took place in a unique, one-of-a-kind facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Discover Goodwill's newly renovated facility called "Possibilities".


“Possibilities,” a first-of-its-kind program in the nation serving individuals with intellectual and physical challenges. Possibilities incorporates a 14,000 square foot indoor town square as its teaching arena—including a functional art studio, apartment, health center, community center, fitness center, bank, general store and city hall, where participants will learn hands-on life skills to build their confidence, increase their independence and empower themselves to become more actively engaged in the community.  

Based on the research and findings from top consultants in the field of learning challenges from the University of Illinois at Chicago , the program increases the amount of various stimuli in the learning process as an aid to those with learning disabilities.

Goodwill's unique program is designed to enhance individual's skills and expand their interests and abilities — all within a safe and friendly life like town square setting in Goodwill's new headquarters building.  The town square will reflect living situations individuals will find as they live, work and play in the community. And because their expert staff will customize each client's plan, they will accomplish things they couldn't try anywhere else.

The Possibilities General Store, where clients can make "purchases' with their Possibilities credit cards.

Point-of-Sale Systems.Com, a division of Charles Carroll Associates, ltd. a professional services firm offering accounting, tax, technology consulting and legal services to small and medium sized businesses, has designed and delivered several cash less POS systems for use in schools dating back to 1999. The cash less process involves utilizing plastic credit card sized cards with encoded magnetic strips.

The clients in the Possibilities program will be able to "earn" credits which will be transferred to their " accounts" at the Possibilities Bank, the accounts are accessed by the clients using their plastic encoded cards at the Possibilities General Store and Cafe all located on "Main Street" in the facility.


Inside the "Bank" note the very realistic looking vault door built of plywood and wooden dowels for the "lock". The POS computers are behind the counters with touch screens for ease of use.
The POS system will be used by both the staff and the clients. Because of the simplicity of the POS system the learning challenged clients are able to practice real life skills in computer use, retail operations and basic money skills.
Photo Gallery from Goodwill Possibilities Project:
Outside the "Bank" but inside the Large warehouse type building that was turned into a town square.
The Art Studio, where actual art projects are created by the clients. It is "across the street" from the bank building where Point-of-Sale Systems.Com installed POS systems for cash less purchases in the General Store and Cafe located in the town square.
The City Hall is actually a meeting room for planning and special small functions.
Looking, "down the street " toward the town square, the round white shape in the middle of the picture is a large wall clock looking over the square.



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